Long Travel A-arms

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Powder Coat colors are added as a separate item.  Please make sure to add a powder coat color to your order!  Items without a Powdercoat added to the order will ship bare. 

We are typically 4-6 weeks out on a-arm orders.

The classic, but downright tough design of the Laeger “Race” A-arm system is used on more sport and racing ATVs throughout the world, than perhaps any other A-arm kit on the market.

This tried and true design provides a cost effective A-arm kit that is ready to take on the Pro Nationals or huge dune drops. The sealed ball joints are purpose built for our A-arms and are design to withstand all kinds torture from the nastiest off road rugged terrain to the big air of National Motocross.

Included in the Kit

4 Hand crafted Chromoly A-arms
4 Laeger Ball Joints
All necessary spindle mounting hardware
Tie Rods

* Yamaha A-arms use OEM inner metal sleeves and bushings.  You can purchase replacement Yamaha bushings in the Replacement Parts section of our website.

* Suzuki Arms come with bearings installed use OEM metal sleeves and dust seals.  You can purchase replacement bearings and seals in the Replacement Parts section of our website.