In an effort to support you our valued customer Laeger's will continue to update and supply you with the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question that not listed here, you can send your question to us at info@laegerracing.com .

>>> What shock lengths can I use when I order a long shock from Laeger's?

The maximum length of the shock depends on the make and model you are riding. The following matrix should provide you with the maximum shock lengths:

Bike Long Shock Length Colllapsed Pivot Dimension
YFZ Gen II 18.5" 12.5 10.125
450R - Motocross 19-7/8 14 10
Raptor 660 17-5/8 12.625
400EX 19.25 14.25 9.125
250R 19.25 14.25 9.125
Banshee 17.25 12.25
LTZ 19.25 14.25 9.125
 450R - XC 18.75 13.66 9.23


>>> What shocks should I use with my Laeger A-Arms?  

There are many quality shock manufactures which make shocks for Laeger products. Shock selection is one of the most important rider decisions. Price, riding style, quality and availability all play a factor in selecting a specific shock. Because of each riders individual riding style, performance expectation, and budget Laeger's recommends discussing each of these factors with the different shock manufactures prior to making their final selection. Please see the above matrix for shock lengths.

Laeger's Racing proudly offers Elka, FOX and PEP shocks as compliments to the a-arms.  Please send in an inquiry for combo pricing.

>>> What bushings do I use with my Laeger Yamaha A-Arms?

The stock bushings should be used with your Laeger A-Arms

>>> What chain guide do I use for me Laeger Swing Arm?

Laeger's has designed all of the swing arms to utilize the Yamaha Banshee chain guide. Please contact your nearest dealer or distributor to purchase one.